Eduard Hellvig is a Transylvanian deeply attached to the Romanian nation, an Orthodox Christian, a promoter of freedom and truth.

Moderation practiced as a philosophy of life and lack of ostentation equally define him as a person and as a professional. Discretion has been a characteristic of all the public roles he has fulfilled and a particularity of his recent managerial position as the Director of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), believing that effectiveness in the role does not depend on the degree of public exposure or the desire for explicit recognition of achievements.

Civic involvement motivated him since his student years to be active in the community, and the power of collective action for the common good is a conviction that has constantly driven him.

He has worked consistently in his political career to strengthen Romania's role and prestige within the Euro-Atlantic family.

He has confidence in Romania's future, which he views optimistically after overcoming the post-communist transition.

He believes that this future relies equally on historical national traditions and modern democratic values, that Romania has strong allies, and it can assume a stronger role as an ally and guide for countries consolidating their democratic status in a landscape marked by significant transformations.

"I believe in democracy, freedom, and truth. I believe in the honesty of the exercise of power. I believe in the power of technologies to enhance humanity. And I believe that the future of Romania and this hard-pressed part of the world is full of opportunities because together we have learned difficult lessons history has confronted us with, and we have successfully passed challenging democratic tests."

Eduard Hellvig is a Romanian of the Free World, and through his professional, political, and managerial activities, he is a strategist for the common good.

At the national level, Eduard Hellvig is part of the expanding nation that thrives on freedom of thought and the expression of an innovative spirit.

At the global level, Eduard Hellvig is committed to a universal set of humanistic values that flourish for the common good, in the presence of pluralism of ideas and leadership governed by national and liberal values. He actively contributes to the construction of a national expression of value capable of harnessing the energy to assert itself in the world to its true potential. He is convinced that national values can only fully manifest in international constructs generated by democratic systems.

He has chosen and consistently chooses to be a model of a dignitary who limits his public presence to situations where it becomes necessary to fulfill the social mission. Lack of ostentation and the absence of ego-centered stakes are values that equally define him as a person and as a professional.

Romanian by definition, Western-oriented by vocation.

Romania is not the center of the universe, but it is the center of the personal universe.

He believes in the honesty of the exercise of power.

Free in thought and tolerant, he supports the primacy of the individual over the state.

He venerates his ancestors, respects his contemporaries, and is actively involved in building the future.

Eduard Hellvig
Eduard Hellvig
Eduard Hellvig